Dog Walker Website Design

Dog Walker Website Design

Dog Walker Website Design With A Difference

 We offer affordable Websites that suit you and your business needs.

What makes us different from other Dog Walker Website Designers? We dont just build your Website and leave you to it, we offer on going support not just for your website, but your business.

Why buy a Website from us? We have helped build a number of now successful Dog Walking Businesses over the last few years, Many of which rank #1 in Google search listings.

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Every website we make is built with you and your business in mind, that is what makes us stand out from other Dog Walker Website Designers. We include more in our Website Packages than most other companies. Its our aim to get your business in front of as many people as possible in your area, that is why we include Full On Page SEO & Google My Business set up as standard.

Which is the best package for your Business?

1 Page: This option is ideal for Dog Walkers who dont want to make a big investment as they are just starting out. We still include all the information you would need such as Prices and an About Me section. An example of a 1 pages website is although this is only 1 Page, it still ranks #1 in Google for “Nantwich Dog Walker”.

3 Page: This is our most popular option which includes your homepage, bespoke pricing page and about me page. The 3 page gives your more freedom to exlain the services you offer in more detail as well as being able to optimise each extra page for more visibility in Google Search. An Example of a 3 page website is ranks #3 in Google for “Warrington Dog Walker”

5 Page: If you offer more than just Dog Walking this is the best option for you, You are able to optimise each additional page for the different services you offer. Eg “Puppy Visits Altrincham” or ” Altrincham Dog Boarding” this way you can dominate google search and rank for each service you offer, which means more customers for your business. An example of a 5 page website is ranks #1 in Google for “Altrincham Dog Walker”

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 What we have included in our Website Packages and why they are important to your Dog Walking Business…

On Page SEO: SEO means Search Engine Optimisation, this is what helps you get ranked in Googles search listings. When building a website it should always be built with SEO in mind, we build your websites SEO around the area in which your business operates e.g if you are an “Altrincham Dog Walker” we will optimise your website for that search term. This will help your website rank higher in Googles Search Listings, which means more visits to your website and more customers.

Contact Form: This is one of the most important items on your website and it often gets overlooked. This is the best way to collect any information you want from a potential customer especially when it comes to dog walking, wouldn’t you like to know the breed of dog, number of days they need you & times and they’re exact addresss to see where they fit into your schedule before having a potentially akward conversation, having said you have availability only to get all the proper information after the fact. A good contact form gives you greater control of the clients you take on, saves time and helps with potential scheduling of your day.

Social Icons: Many Dog Walkers see Social Media as a great way to promote their business and generate more customers. Customers also use Dog Walkers Social Media accounts to research local dog walkers and in the past its helped sway decisions, that is why we intergrate all our websites with your Social Media Accounts.

Bespoke Prices Page: Prices are key and should always be one of the first thing customers see when visiting your website, prices should be big & bold and not buried amongst mass amounts of text. In the research stage of any new customer price tends to be the main driving factor. If customers are happy with your Prices they will then be more interested in the rest of your websites content.

About Me Page: People like to know who will be responsible for their fur babies, make it as personal as you can about you, why you started your business and your love of dogs. Keep it as friendly & relatable as possible and if you do have qualifications that you want to mention, try leaving them until the end. New customers tend to want that personal connection as they are putting a lot of trust & responsibility in you and you are your business!.

Google Analytics: Lets you know how many people have been on your website and how they found you. This information is really useful and can help you generate more customers by showing you the best places to advertise your business and which areas you need to work on.

Google My Business: Every business should have a Google My Business page, its like a mini website at the top of Google Search listings and is a great way of getting more customers. Google My Business can include almost everything your website does.